Material and Visual Revolutions. Post-production Tools for Change

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Simone Fehlinger


Since contemporary Western visual culture constitutes its reality in images, reality can be post-produced through editing techniques ‒ as artist and writer Hito Steyerl suggested. Departing from this hypothesis, this paper explores post-production as both a conceptual tool as well as a concrete design method and practice in order to change the Anthropocene's actualities. It illustrates the assembling gesture of post-production as a tool of knowledge creation and presents furthermore the preconditions of a scenario with the capacity to alternate already post-produced contemporary worlds. The ongoing project New Weather TV focuses on the production, diffusion, and reception of the Anthropocene through the image. Given that the Earth has been transformed into a television studio, a design studio, weather is an everyday screen practice that incorporates modern and Anthropocene ideologies into our daily realities. The project aims to re-design the images of the weather report in order to perform non-colonial and non-Anthropocene attitudes via the technique of chroma keying.

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