Redesign of the PARN textile system: Belonging and equity from early childhood

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Camila Ríos


Since 2009, the Chilean State has provided a baby box to the families whose children are born in public hospitals. This baby box contains numerous items, from a playpen cradle to educational material, and also includes a baby carrier and a backpack. More than 160,000 children receive this benefit every year. The initiative not only reduces the expenses incurred by families who welcome a new child, but also promotes the full emotional development of children as well as the transversal development of their rights. This article describes the recent process of redesigning the elements included in the baby box, whose purpose was to promote a sense of belonging and equity. The context in which the project is inserted, its background, the referents and the process of gathering information for the proposal are also detailed.

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Ríos, C. (2018). Redesign of the PARN textile system: Belonging and equity from early childhood. Diseña, (12), 300–311.
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Camila Ríos, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Professor at the School of Design, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Her areas of interest are: textile constructions, textile technology and product design. She leads Open Textiles, the research space of Fablab Santiago, an instance that seeks to open new questions in the textile field from their production and functionality.