Design of an action protocol for bioconstruction

  • Antonio Díaz-Parralejo Universidad de Extremadura (Spain)
  • Caridad Díaz-Jiménez Universidad de Extremadura (Spain)
  • Francisco Hipólito-Ojalvo Universidad de Extremadura (Spain)
  • Antonio Macías-García Universidad de Extremadura (Spain)
Keywords: Geobiology, bioconstruction, radiations, health


Numerous elements are to be considered when designing a comfortable and healthy building. We are mainly referring to the site, different construction materials, layout orientation, the presence of power lines and nearby mobile phone antennae, among others. There is an increasingly recognized relationship between where we live or work and our overall health. Along these lines, we have undertaken several studies and measurements of the most influential factors, from the point of view of Geobiology and Bioconstruction. Based on the results obtained and the accumulated multidisciplinary experience, both from the perspective of engineering and architecture, a protocol is proposed to study Biohabitability in differently built containers such as high-rise buildings, houses and inhabited areas in general.

Author Biography

Antonio Díaz-Parralejo, Universidad de Extremadura (Spain)

Departamento de Ingeniería Mecánica, Energética y de los Materiales. Profesor Titular