Multi-objective optimization of time-cost-quality in construction projects using genetic algorithm

  • Cemil Akcay University-Cerrahpaşa (Turkey)
  • Setenay Işikyildiz Istanbul University (Turkey)
Keywords: Time-cost-quality trade-off, Multi-objective optimization, Meta-heuristic, Genetic algorithm, Subcontractor selection


In this study, it was aimed to develop a model that provides Time-Cost-Quality optimization in construction projects using Genetic algorithm method. In order to fulfill that, Matlab codes for a multi-purpose genetic algorithm that performs Time-Cost-Quality optimization were developed and applied to the problem, and the targeted success level was substantially achieved. This model is capable of performing and visualizing an advanced three-dimensional time, cost, quality tradeoff analysis instead of the traditional two-dimensional time-cost tradeoff analysis. It was possible to select the desired alternative under the project conditions obtaining pareto images called a set of solutions rather than a single solution. In addition, one of the main objectives of this study is to develop an effective model to assist the main contractors of the construction in selecting the most suitable subcontractors.

Author Biographies

Cemil Akcay, University-Cerrahpaşa (Turkey)

Istanbul University-Cerrahpaşa

Setenay Işikyildiz, Istanbul University (Turkey)

Istanbul University-Cerrahpaşa