Transformative Repair x ADC: Visual Analysis of Works

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Guy Keulemans
Trent Jansen
Lisa Cahill


This visual essay evidences how visual arts professionals from art, craft, and design disciplines are able to transform broken and waste materials in ways that are complementary, but not usual, to their current professional practice. Photos, sketches, and technical drawings illustrate a collection of case studies concerning the transformative repair and reuse of a range of categories, including furniture, homeware, model airplanes, clothes, tools, and vehicles. The article concludes that this collection of works contributes knowledge to creative forms of repair and reuse as an underdeveloped and under-researched practice within circular design and economy.


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Keulemans, G., Jansen, T., & Cahill, L. (2023). Transformative Repair x ADC: Visual Analysis of Works. Diseña, (23), Article.6.
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Author Biographies

Guy Keulemans, University of South Australia

Ph.D. in Design, University of New South Wales, Sydney (UNSW). He holds a Bachelor of Design degree from UNSW, and a Master’s degree in Humanitarian Design from Design Academy Eindhoven. He is an Enterprise Fellow at the University of South Australia. His research interests include repair and reuse, generative processes, materials of design, and the environmental impacts of production and consumption. Some of his latest publications include ‘New Materials: Fast Tech and Slow Design’, (in Hybrid, Australia Powerhouse Museum, 2021) and ‘Design Considerations for the Transformative Reuse of a Japanese Temple’ (with J. Harle, K. Hashimoto, and L. Mugavin; DRS International Conference, 2020). He has recently exhibited the work he does with Kyoko Hashimoto at the South Australia Museum (2022) and the National Gallery of Victoria (2022).

Trent Jansen, University of New South Wales

Ph.D. in Design, University of Wollongong. He holds a Bachelor of Design degree from the University of New South Wales, Sydney (UNSW). He is Lecturer in the Art & Design School at UNSW. His research revolves around adaptive reuse, design anthropology, sustainability, collaborative design, and crafts. He applies design anthropology methods to the design of limited edition and one-off pieces, as well as products and furniture. He is a co-founder of Broached Commissions and exhibits internationally with Gallery All and Galleria Rossana Orlandi. He has recently exhibited his work at Gallery Sally Dan Cuthbert (2022) and the Melbourne Design Fair (2022).

Lisa Cahill, Australian Design Centre

Master of Arts Administration, University of New South Wales, Sydney. She earned a BA in Communications from the University of Canberra. She is the Chief Executive Officer and Artistic Director of the Australian Design Centre. She is interested in design, crafts, economy, sustainability, and culture. She has held senior government positions both locally and nationally at arts and media organizations, including the Australian Design Alliance, the Australia Council for the Arts, the City of Sydney, the Australian Broadcasting Authority, and SBS. She has also worked as a research consultant for the International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies. Some of her curatorial work includes the exhibitions ‘Obsessed: Compelled to Make’ (with P. Craswell; Australian Design Centre, 2018); the annual Sydney Craft Week Festival (since 2017); and ‘New Weave: Contemporary Approaches to the Traditions of Weaving’ (with C. Mulford; Australian Design Centre, 2014).


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