MentalHealth4All: mapping and assessing existing multilingual resources in mental healthcare



Palabras clave:

mental health, language proficiency, translation and interpreting, language resources, health disparities, access, health rights


The aim of this article is to illustrate the goals, process and results of the first stage of a European project: MentalHealth4All. Partners from 9 different European countries have worked together to design a multilingual validated repository targeted at third-country nationals with limited language proficiency (LLP TCNs) and healthcare providers, which contains resources to improve this population’s knowledge and understanding of how to access interlinguistic support in mental healthcare services in the main languages of the countries involved in the project. The present article provides a detailed overview of the assessment process of resources and its main results.


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Lázaro Gutiérrez, R., Valero Garcés, E. A. P. D. de F. M. F.-U. G. U. de A. E. O. 0000-. 0002- 1606- 4792. | E.- mail: . C. Álvaro A. D. de F. M. F.-U. G. U., Pena Díaz, P. D., Alcalde Peñalver, E., Álvaro Aranda, C., Mankauskienė, D., Biernacka, A., Kalata-Zawłocka, A., Cox, A., Hollebeke, I., Kerremans, K., Hodáková, S., Gattiglia, N., Morelli, M., Ukušová, J., Buysse, L., Temizöz, Özlem, Wang, F., de Looper, M., Mösko, M., Hanft-Robert, S., & Schouten, B. (2023). MentalHealth4All: mapping and assessing existing multilingual resources in mental healthcare. Onomázein, (NEXIII), 84–101.