Soil-structure interaction effects on the seismic performance of frame structures


  • Dhahbia Guerdouh
  • Salah Khalfallah



Soil-structure interaction, Seismic excitation, Interface element, Finite element method, Seismic performance, Soil properties, Direct stiffness methos


In this work, a numerical attempt has been elaborated to study the effects of soil properties, seismic impact and interaction between frame structure and soil foundation. The frame, soil and interface continuum have been modeled by using the finite element concept. In this approach, a numerical program has been established based on the direct method to analyze the soil-structure interaction under seismic loading. Adding, the developed thinlayer interface element ensuring the incompatibility of degrees of freedom between frame and soil elements is incorporated. Obtained results lead to explain (1) the influence of the soil-structure interaction on the seismic response of the frame structure and interface media, (2) the time history deflection of the superstructure and interface medium under seismic loading, (3) the effect of the interaction factor of soil-structure interaction on the seismic behavior of the interface medium and frame structure and (4) the earthquake intensity on the seismic damage. Lateral displacements at the top of the frame and at the interface level, and shear stresses at the contact between the foundation and structure are plotted and commented.


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Author Biographies

Dhahbia Guerdouh

Laboratoire de Génie Civil et Environnement (LGCE), Université de Jijel 18000 Jijel (Algeria)

Salah Khalfallah

 Nationale Polytechnique B.P 75, A, Nouvelle Ville, 25000 de Constantine (Algeria)




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Guerdouh, D., & Khalfallah, S. (2019). Soil-structure interaction effects on the seismic performance of frame structures. Revista De La Construcción. Journal of Construction, 18(2), 349–363.