Editorial Team



Allison Ramay, PhD


Professor Allison Ramay studies indigenous writings of the past and present in Abiayala, intercultural theory, gender, and critical indigenous studies.  https://orcid.org/0000-0003-3968-7092


Francisca Fernández Arce


Francisca Fernández Arce is a former student of Lingüística y Literatura Inglesas at Universidad de Chile and holds a MA on Modern and Contemporary Literature from the University of York. Her academic interests range from contemporary poetry, Northern Irish literature, and the intersection between the visual and the textual.

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Tamara Cubillos


 Tamara studied English Literature and Linguistics at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and is currently working as a Conversation Designer.


Catalina Salvatierra


 Catalina Salvatierra is a Chilean illustrator and tattoo artist, with a diploma in illustration from Universidad de Chile (2017) where she was also a TA in 2018. Formerly a nutritionist, Catalina transformed her passion for drawing and tattooing into her main activity, which she performs as an independent artist.  

Board Members

Andrea Casals

Héctor Calderón

Professor Andrea Casals’ special academic interests are ecocriticism or green cultural studies, poetry and children’s literature. Besides reading…in her spare time, she enjoys yoga, trekking, family bonding and a coffee cup for warm conversations. https://orcid.org/0000-0001-5940-1050



Professor Héctor Calderón is a specialist in Spanish American, Mexican, and Chicano literature and cultures at UCLA. Before coming to UCLA, he was Professor at Scripps College (1989-1991) and Associate Professor at Yale University (1983-1989).  


Susan Foote

Susan Foote was born in San Diego, California and studied Spanish at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She teaches English Literature in the Foreign Language Department at the Universidad de Concepción, Chile. Her interests include 20th century American poetry and Postcolonial literature in English as well as Mapuche testimony and poetry.


Thomas Rothe 

Thomas Rothe holds a PhD in Latin American Literature from the Universidad de Chile and is an adjunct professor at the Universidad Católica de Chile. His lines of research include Latin American and Caribbean literature with a focus on translation, cultural magazines, and literary history.

Francisco Lomelí 

Distinguished Professor in Chicana/o Studies and Spanish & Portuguese, Professor Francisco Lomelí has been faculty at UC Santa Barbara (UCSB) since 1978 as part of a joint appointment between the Spanish & Portuguese and Chicana/o Studies Departments. 


Alejandra Ortiz Salamovich 

Professor Alejandra Ortiz is full-time lecturer at the Facultad de Filosofía y Humanidades of the Universidad de Chile. She teaches English literature modules in the Licenciatura en Lengua y Literatura Inglesas. 

Mike Wilson  

Mike Wilson, PhD, is Associate Professor in the Department of Literature of the Facultad de Letras UC. He is the author of the novels El púgil (2008), Zombie (2009), Rockabilly (2011) and Leñador (2013). 
María Inés Zaldivar 

María Inés Zaldívar holds a PhD in Literature and is a professor, essayist and poet. She is the author of multiple books of poetry including Reiterándome, o la elevación frente a la negación (1994) and La mirada erótica, (1998).

Former Staff

Name Dates involved After working with ESLA
Constanza Brahm 2011 M.F.A in Screenwriting at the New York Film Academy
Francisco Aranguiz 2010 – 2012 MSc in Literature and Modernity at University of Edinburgh
Beatriz Rengifo 2010 – 2012 MA in English in Education at King´s College London 
Manuela Mercado 2010 – 2012 MSc in Literature and Modernity. University of Edinburgh
Francisca Ibaceta 2010 – 2012 N/A 
Juan Pablo Vilches 2010 – 2012 MA in Cultural Heritage Studies at UCL 
Valeria Tapia 2014 Union College – New York
Kattia Ansieta 2014 Programa de Formación Pedagógica UC
Valentina Rivera 2014 Programa de Formación Pedagógica UC
Valeska Miranda 2014 MA in Applied Linguistics in EFL, UC
Margarita Maira 2010 – 2014 MA in 19th Century Literature, University of York
Florencia Roncone 2017 – 2018 International Affairs Office at UC
Felipe Acevedo 2015 – 2018 Doctor of Philosophy in Literature ©, UC
Javiera Sepúlveda 2013 – 2022 Translator
Carolina Osorio 2017 – 2022 Editor and Translator