Amereida: An Ever-Expanding Archive


  • María Teresa Johansson



Archivo, escritura de viajes, cartografía continental, Ciudad Abierta, intermedialidad.


The journey of Amereida and the poem Amereida can be read as a project of poetic refoundation of the American continent, which is the foundation of the Open City. They also form the basis of an aesthetic, political and formative project in full force and originate an extensive archive. This article analyzes different dimensions of Amereida in relation to a vast archive of writings, images, displacements and supports in intermediate formats. From this perspective, it is proposed that Amereida exceeds the idea of the archive associated with the preservation of memory to expose a performative condition (Taylor) integrated to the utopian dimension (Groys) with an open character that is projected to the present day. Following these orientations, this article analyzes displacement and travel writing as an archive-repertoire with a performative and digital character. Likewise, the poem Amereida is interpreted as a poetics that reactivates the archive of Latin American literature, at the same time that it elaborates a new literary and visual cartography of the continent. Finally, it addresses the utopian impulse of the foundation of the Open City, from which new media archives derive from gender perspectives. The integration of these dimensions projects the actuality of Amereida and its power to shape an expanding archive.


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