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Vol. 38 Núm. 2 (2018)

”Ecuador después de Correa: la lucha por la “Revolución Ciudadana”

diciembre 7, 2019


The year 2017 in Ecuador has been marked, first, by the electoral victory of Alianza PAIS and, then, by the rapidly escalating conflict within the governing party.
With the departure from office of Rafael Correa, who had governed the country since 2007, Ecuadorian politics has entered a new period which is characterized by political realignments and heightened political uncertainty. At the same time, the economic situation is improving only gradually and imposes significant constraints on the new government led by Lenín Moreno. The article reviews the politically turbulent year of 2017, and, in doing so, analyzes the struggle over the legacy of the “Citizens’ Revolution” that has broken out between the supporters of the new president and the followers of his predecessor.