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Vol. 28 Núm. 2 (2008)

Post-secular faith: toward a religion of service

enero 11, 2020


Modernity is frequently called the “secular age”; following Max Weber, modernization is equated with secularization. However, recent decades have seen a strong resurgence of religion in many parts of the world. Frequently, this resurgence takes the form of a reactionary “fundamentalism” and anti-modernism, with religious leaders trying to recapture the political power they lost in secular modernity. The paper explores the possibility that religion is indeed returning, but in a new “post-secular” form where, traversing modern secularism, religion is freed from the yearning for mastery and domination. This possibility heralds a new meaning of religious freedom and the prospect of (what I call) a religion of service. The paper also discusses the modern insistence on the “privatization” of religion, that is, the confinement of faith to a strictly inward experience (as formulated by William James). Again the notion of a religion
of service rescues faith from solitary inwardness without erecting it into a public power.


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