Alexander SCHMEMANN, Diari 1973-1983, Vol. 1, Lipa Edizioni y La Casa di Matriona, Roma 2021, 573 p. ISBN 978-88-31282-03-1

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Carlos Alberto Rosas-Jimenez


Have you ever kept a diary of your personal life? For many people, keeping a written record of their experiences, thoughts, feelings, travels or encounters with people is a common practice. For others, it is not. Perhaps for some it is something completely foreign. For Russian Orthodox priest Alexander Schmemann it was clearly not. His diary, two volumes of almost 600 pages each, has given an insight into the life, worries, joys and even disappointments of one of the most influential theologians of the 20th century. On this occasion we would like to refer to the first volume and scrutinize a little of what this work brings to the world today.

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